Thanksgiving Word Fit

See if you can solve this Thanksgiving themed word fit. A word fit is a bit like a crossword, except that instead of clues we give you the answers, and your challenge is to fit them into the spaces.

Use the options below the crossword to shuffle it to create a new one, to view the solution or to print as a worksheet.

Thanksgiving Word Fit

The first Thanksgiving was celebrated in 1621 over three days. There is no record of turkey being eaten at the first Thanksgiving but other foods were eaten such as seal, lobster and swan! Today over 46 million turkeys will be eaten!

Words to fit

  • beans
  • celebrate
  • children
  • cranberries
  • dinner
  • family
  • feast
  • gathering
  • grateful
  • harvest
  • holiday
  • mayflower
  • november
  • pilgrim
  • pumpkin
  • stuffing
  • thankful
  • thanksgiving
  • tradition
  • turkey

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