Animals Crossword

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Animals Crossword

There are many animals in the world. Animals can live in even the harshest environments such as the hot deserts and the cold Antarctic.


  • 4. Small swift antelope
  • 5. Large mammal often called the "river horse"
  • 7. Nocturnal, African mammal and the first animal listed in the dictionary
  • 8. Spiky rodent like a large hedgehog
  • 9. Large grey animal with a trunk and tusks
  • 11. South American thick furred rodent
  • 13. Large horned animal
  • 14. Rudolph is the most famous one
  • 15. Deer like mammal with horns found in Africa, Asia and parts of America.
  • 18. Slow moving creature that carries its home on its back


  • 1. Large snapping reptile with big teeth
  • 2. Australian leaping animal that has young in a pouch
  • 3. Black leopard
  • 6. Large reptile with big teeth similar to a crocodile
  • 7. Small mammal with protective plates
  • 10. Colour changing reptile
  • 12. Long nosed mammal that feeds on ants and termites
  • 15. Large seabird with longest wingspan
  • 16. Large spotted cat
  • 17. Fastest land animal

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