Ancient Egypt Crossword

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Ancient Egypt Crossword

Around 5000 years ago the Ancient Egyptians built a great civilisation. There are lots of mysteries surrounding this ancient civilisation. We are fascinated by the pyramids, mummification, the Egyptian Gods and Godesses, canopic jars and the ancient curses of the pharaohs.


  • 1. People from Egypt
  • 5. Egyptian beetle
  • 9. Decorated coffin
  • 10. Rulers sharing a common origin
  • 11. Growing crops and cultivating land
  • 12. Egyptians believed in this, life after death
  • 13. Political and religious leader of Egypt
  • 15. Boy Pharaoh
  • 18. Maried Mark Antony and was last Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt


  • 2. White stone often used for statues
  • 3. Ancient Egyptian writing system
  • 4. Preserve a dead body with chemicals
  • 6. Stone that helped decipher hieroglyphics
  • 7. Process of embalming and wrapping a body
  • 8. Pointed stone structure used to house dead Pharaoh
  • 14. Jackal headed god, protector of the dead
  • 16. Egyptian queen renowned for her beauty, married Amenhotep IV
  • 17. Material Egyptians used to write on
  • 18. Jar that contained human organs
  • 19. Old

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